provides holidays and the experience of community to low-income families.

Upcoming Events

Our annual Fall Clean Up will be held on Saturday, October 19th! Please join us as we winterize the cottages, close the pool, return summer items to the barn while taking out the winter gear. Invite your friends and family to come and support the community! A hot lunch will be served with hot chocolate and apple cider. The day will begin at 9AM.

Waupoos is a Christian community that comes together to    
 "Pray, Work and Play".

Come out and join us for any one or all three of these activities!
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 If you would like to apply for a vacation, check to see if you qualify here.

Since 1980, families who have no other opportunities for holidays anhave children 16 years and under have been welcomed to apply for a vacation at Waupoos Farm. 

What's New?

A new pig has joined the Waupoos Family! Hoggle is slowly getting used to farm life, having been a house pet before joining us! His favorite snack is Cheerios, so make sure to bring some when you visit!

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