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Waupoos provides holidays and the experience of community to low-income families.

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Come join us for Easter Mass at 12:30! 

Waupoos is a Christian community that comes together to    
 "Pray, Work and Play".

Come out and join us for any one or all three of these activities!
To learnmore about what we do and who we are, check out our newsletter, visit our Facebook page or email us at

 If you would like to apply for a vacation, check to see if you qualify here.

Dinner at Nate's

Since 1980, families who have no other opportunities for holidays anhave children 16 years and under have been welcomed to apply for a vacation at Waupoos Farm. 

What's New?

Seeking Farm Resident Family
Waupoos Family Farm is a Christian community that comes together to “Pray, Work, and Play”.
Waupoos has a Farm Management team that consists of 3 families who live on site for a 2-3 year commitment. These families work closely with each other to maintain the farm grounds and facilities. This team offers their consistent presence during cottager weeks and weekends and reaches out to local community groups to share the news of Waupoos. 
 If you find yourself called to serve, are currently active in your own Christian Community and would like to learn more about Waupoos Family Farm, please contact the office directly at: 613-822-2189.