About Us

Our Mission
"The Waupoos Foundation is a Christ-centered community
prayer, work, and play in our activities while providing vacations to families in need."


    Waupoos is an Ojibway word for rabbit. The Waupoos Foundation was founded in 1975 by Father Fred Magee and friends when they took over the Oblate family farm on Waupoos Island, near Picton Ontario. Facilities were later expanded to include a farm located just outside of Ottawa on Rideau Road. Over 7000 families have enjoyed a respite with us, and over 25,000 people have used our facilities.

    Waupoos' motto is "Pray, Work and Play" and we welcome everyone who wants to participate in any, or all of these activities. The families that visit us arrive via many channels including social services, schools and parishes.

Father Fred Magee