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Waupoos provides holidays and the experience of community to low-income families.

Upcoming Events

Summer is here! We look forward to welcoming many new families to the farm beginning on June 30th! 
Remember to join us for our Open Houses for 8 consecutive Saturdays starting at 1pm, July 5th-Aug. 23rd.

Waupoos is a Christian community that comes together to    
 "Pray, Work and Play".

Come out and join us for any one or all three of these activities!
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 If you would like to apply for a vacation, check to see if you qualify here.

Since 1980, families who have no other opportunities for holidays anhave children 16 years and under have been welcomed to apply for a vacation at Waupoos Farm. 

What's New?

Thank you to the '100 Men Who Care', who generously chose Waupoos as one of their beneficiaries!

A profound thank you also to the Harry P. Ward Foundation for their gracious donation towards a commercial washer and dryer!