Waupoos provides holidays and the experience of community to low-income families.

Upcoming Events

Waupoos will be saying goodbye to 2 Resident Families - the Bethunes and the Marshalls. 
They will be sorely missed but we pray that God blesses the new chapter they're entering.
As a result, the farm is now looking for 2 new Resident families to move in Summer and Fall 2016, for a 2-3 year commitment. If you would like to learn more about becoming a farm family and what it means to live our Pray, Work, and Play motto, please contact the office at 613-822-2189 or email at office.waupoos@gmail.com. Please spread the word to any families you think might be interested in the Waupoos experience!

Waupoos is a Christian community that comes together to    
 "Pray, Work and Play".

Come out and join us for any one or all three of these activities!
To learn more about what we do and who we are, join our email list bycheck out our newsletter, visit our Facebook page or email us at contact@waupoos.com.

 If you would like to apply for a vacation, check to see if you qualify here.

Since 1975, families who have no other opportunities for holidays anhave children 16 years and under have been welcomed to apply for a vacation at Waupoos Farm. 

What's New?

Prayer to Our Lady of the Poor

by Father Fred Magee, OMI 

Mary, in a spirit of joy and thanksgiving,

you recognized the greatness of the Lord.

You knew you were His servant,

one of His poor.

In faith you believed that God who is mighty

had done great things for you.

You listened in such humility and stillness

that God’s Word became flesh in you.

We, the poor, come to you

asking for your intercession.

We ask for the gift of recognizing

our poverty before God

and His great favour toward us. 

May our hearts be open to receive God’s word

and may it live and bear fruit in us as in you.

Then your great hymn of thanksgiving

will become ours as we cry with you:

“My soul glories in the Lord … 

whose mercy is from age to age”. 

Our Lady of the Poor, pray with us.