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Sponsor a Family

At Waupoos, families can enjoy a farm vacation for $25 for a weekend or up to $60 for a week in the summer.  However, for many families, the cost of a Waupoos vacation is not affordable as these families are often members of the working poor; vulnerable members of our community who struggle day to day just to get by. 
    Even though they are unable to afford a Waupoos vacation with their children, they are in need of the "
bubble of peace in the mists of all world trubles" (child at Waupoos) that Waupoos offers.

    If you know of a family that would greatly benefit from some time away to enjoy the outdoors and the simple pleasures of life, just ask about family sponsorship and download the Waupoos Farm Family Sponsorship Form.

Please contact the Waupoos Office at 613-822-2189 or by email at

We welcome sponsorship from referring agencies.