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“I feel so relaxed here. This is a home away from home. The staff and host families are so great. We receive a warm welcome. I love the chapel and enjoy the potlucks. I am deeply indebted to all who make it possible to keep this  place running. I thank all who donate, and volunteers and staff. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Please know that we all appreciated it and you all make a difference in our lives.” _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Below you will find the thoughts of families vacationing at the farm.

What was your favourite part of vacation at the farm?

·    "Being away with my family; watching my boys play hockey and interact with outer kids…was amazing.  Most of all, the best was spending my time with my family."
·    "Everything was great; It was an awesome Christmas."
·    "The tranquility of the farm property."
·    "Tobogganing and roasting marshmallows on the fire and the horse drawn sleigh ride."
·    "Skating and the potluck supper on Saturday."
·    "Watching my kids partake in the activities offered and the wonderful host and resident families that make us feel so loved."


Additional Comments:

·    "Thank you for everything. It was well organized and the kids had fun.  It was truly a heart touching and wonderful time."
·    "My family and I wanna thank you for a great week!"
·    "It was a fun filled weekend.  We enjoyed every minute we spent at Waupoos Farm."
·    "Thank you for a wonderful New Years.  These memories will last a lifetime!  As my first winter getaway with my family, it was a wonderful experience.  The staff         and other cottagers were awesome and caring… The trip really made me take time to appreciate my family and the  goodness others offer. Thank you Waupoos             Farm and families."