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Corporate Work Days

Are you a member of a corporation that would like to give back to the community?

work days at Waupoos enable you to give back to the community in very tangible ways.  Instead of spending the day at the office, gather your corporation and come to the farm to work as a group and experience the rewards of volunteering together.
    The farm
management team will provide you with a list of tasks and all the appropriate supplies to tackle a number of jobs at Waupoos. All that is required from your company is the hands and skills.


 Examples of jobs include:
      •  painting
      •  flooring
      •  cleaning
      •  miscellaneous repairs
      •  landscaping
      •  construction
    It is as simple as matching your group's skills with the tasks required and watching the results.
    It is very rewarding to work with your colleagues in a different setting, learn new things about each other all while directly contributing to the mission of Waupoos to provide vacations to families in need.               
If you are interested in learning more about corporate work days, please call 613-822-2189 or contact us by email at