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July 2022

Waupoos Kids Roundup!- July 2022

By | Cottage Sessions

Waupoos was happy to welcome a whole house of families this week. Plenty of eager children were on the edge of their seats to partake in the activities our family farm had to offer!

Chapel Time

We are happy to introduce our lovely host family; Elyse and Ruby, who ran a wonderful chapel every morning. Every chapel was well thought through, anyone could see the amount of effort this duo put into starting every morning off on a positive note. The morning started off strong, with a beautiful prayer being read, followed by some calming meditation. To top it all off, almost every session was tied together with a story, each telling valuable lessons in the name of God.

T-Shirt TieDye

Unsurprisingly so, the host family organized cottages to be given the opportunity to dye their own shirts. Each design came out wonderfully; surely a sight for sore eyes! Look at those funky fresh designs! 

Tournament Galore

Ring toss, rocket throwing, and bowling! Why chose one when you can do all three? An hour seemed to go by within seconds due to how much fun the kids were having. Look at their smiling faces!







Animal Update: Brand New Chick Pen!

Our animal maintenance crew has worked vigorously to ensure that the steadily growing chicks have a new home they can frolic and play! Come see these adorable chicks in their prime, and maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to hold them. Come check it out at our Meet the Animals activity at Waupoos Farm!

After yet another successful week at Waupoos, we look forward to seeing you all next time!

A Relaxing Week at Waupoos Farm- July 2022

By | Cottage Sessions

This week at Waupoos was quieter than the previous weeks, however many found it to be just as gratifying. Many activities held for the guests were considered more therapeutic, our host family running countless hours of exciting events, one of the most popular being the outdoor coloring where kids were given the opportunity to color and then paste their creations onto fancy paper! Parents could rest easy and catch a break while their children were engulfed in the world of creativity.

Meet the Animals

We’re also incredibly excited to announce that cottagers are now able to feed the sheep during their stay. These wooly four-legged friends love people and will flock toward you to say hi, and maybe even get a special treat out of the palm of your hand if given the opportunity. Our specialized animal keeper provided cottagers with sheep food to feed them, which both parties seemed to enjoy thoroughly.

Bingo Night

Get your Bingo chips and enthusiasm, because Waupoos hosted by far the most lively Bingo nights. With prizes to be won, every single player was on the edge of their seats in hopes of hearing their number. A game of Bingo was a surefire way to get individuals to come out of their cottages and join in on the fun!

Chapel Time

This week’s themes consisted of friendship, gratitude, and resilience. Different activities were planned for each day to give cottagers a chance to be more hands-on with what they’d learned during prayer. Short stories to provide examples, and inventive activities where they were able to show their love towards God through art and creation.






With that, the second week at Waupoos comes to a close! There are still many activities to look forward to, and we look forward to them!

Opening Week at Waupoos Farm!- July 2022

By | Cottage Sessions

The first week of vacation for Waupoos Farm started off with a bang! Packed with fun adventures outside such as nature walks, archery, and swimming, the families at Waupoos are seen enjoying their stay. During the week, our lovely host, Mariam was able to run a morning chapel where families were able to bond over what they were thankful for, listen to fascinating stories, and even read a morning prayer together. Through this, the cottagers could start their mornings with bonding activities and scrumptious homemade muffins.       

Thankful Poster







Of course, Waupoos farm wouldn’t be a farm without animals. One of our specialized staff, Rachel, walks the families through the many animals that are home to Waupoos. Children were given the opportunity to hold baby chicks and watch the baby turkeys play with each other. The animals at Waupoos are incredibly friendly and adore our cottagers just as much as we do! Most of the farm animals don’t mind being petted as well, which made for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. 



One of the many joys of the family farm is the surrounding environment, a lengthy trail filled with an assortment of flowers and shrubs surrounding the cottagers. This week, everyone was invited to go on a nature walk, where many chose to pick some of the different plants, while others chose to simply enjoy the atmosphere.

After venturing further down the trail, cottagers were introduced to the ‘Fairy Village’ hidden in the depths of the forest, which looked to be an exhilarating surprise for many. With trees with faces and homes for fairies, Fairy Village is a sight to behold. 

 We are looking forward to all the fun events that are to come.