A Relaxing Week at Waupoos Farm- July 2022

This week at Waupoos was quieter than the previous weeks, however many found it to be just as gratifying. Many activities held for the guests were considered more therapeutic, our host family running countless hours of exciting events, one of the most popular being the outdoor coloring where kids were given the opportunity to color and then paste their creations onto fancy paper! Parents could rest easy and catch a break while their children were engulfed in the world of creativity.

Meet the Animals

We’re also incredibly excited to announce that cottagers are now able to feed the sheep during their stay. These wooly four-legged friends love people and will flock toward you to say hi, and maybe even get a special treat out of the palm of your hand if given the opportunity. Our specialized animal keeper provided cottagers with sheep food to feed them, which both parties seemed to enjoy thoroughly.

Bingo Night

Get your Bingo chips and enthusiasm, because Waupoos hosted by far the most lively Bingo nights. With prizes to be won, every single player was on the edge of their seats in hopes of hearing their number. A game of Bingo was a surefire way to get individuals to come out of their cottages and join in on the fun!

Chapel Time

This week’s themes consisted of friendship, gratitude, and resilience. Different activities were planned for each day to give cottagers a chance to be more hands-on with what they’d learned during prayer. Short stories to provide examples, and inventive activities where they were able to show their love towards God through art and creation.






With that, the second week at Waupoos comes to a close! There are still many activities to look forward to, and we look forward to them!