Seventh Week at Waupoos

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This week Waupoos had another great week of fun as we welcomed a new set of families! We began the week with a bouncy castle and ice cream sandwiches to celebrate a birthday! Cottagers had the chance to make crafts, play some water games to escape the hot weather, and of course, swim in the pool!

The families enjoyed a tractor ride with a visit to the magic tree, followed by a bonfire with s’mores!

The talent show was a hit once again! This week, there was no lack of talent; we had singing, joke-telling, a magic show, and much more! The night was wrapped up with a barbecue and movie under the stars.

After another amazing week at Waupoos, we prepare for our last week of families for the summer!


Sixth Week At Waupoos

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This was another amazing week at Waupoos! Campers enjoyed making tasty snacks with fruits and marshmallows. This was the perfect treat for a summer’s day!

Cottagers enjoyed swimming in the pool and playing water games to cool off from the heat. Families also painted and planted some wildflowers in their own personal pots that they were able to bring home.

The talent show was lots of fun with some new talent and lots of people cheering everyone else on! After another week of fun, we wrap up and prepare for another awesome week!

Fifth Week at Waupoos

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It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway through already! Over the past weeks, Waupoos has hosted families from all over Ottawa to give them a summer full of fun memories.

Once again, Waupoos enjoyed hosting many new families at the farm this week as the staff provided many interesting games and activities.

It was a quiet week on the farm as families enjoyed the peaceful scenery. The week was much cooler than usual summer days, but families were still able to participate in activities and swim at the pool. One of the popular activities was meeting the animals where campers were able to interact with our barnyard pals.  The goats were very friendly with the guests.


We’ve also made some changes to the farm this week. Staff painted the chapel and sides of the barn with a fresh coat of white paint to match the lodge and our cottages. This new paint helps brighten up the farm and brings new life back to the beloved chapel!



With July finished up, Waupoos Farm looks forwards to a fun-filled August!

Fourth Week at Waupoos

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Another fun week at Waupoos as we welcomed even more families to the farm! Campers enjoyed riding bikes around the farm and meeting new animal friends. With the sun shining, visitors were able to play and do plenty of activities outside.

The campers were once again involved in the talent show, showing off skills such as singing, dancing, and even magic tricks. There was so much talent at Waupoos.  It was wonderful to have so many people, staff and campers, involved in making the show memorable.

With the Paris themed cabin finally up and running, more campers were able to stay and enjoy the farm’s activities. This is just one of the many themed cabins at Waupoos that staff has put together for the farm’s visitors. With colourful artwork and beautiful furniture, the city of Paris comes to life at Waupoos.


Now reaching mid-summer, Waupoos is pleased to continue a season of fun!

Third Week at Waupoos

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Once again at Waupoos families were here to enjoy a week filled with excitement and adventure. Our staff came up with tons of new activities and games to engage our campers, from morning crafts to exciting nature walks. The campers had fun exploring the farm and taking in the peaceful scenery and fresh air.

The pool was a blast with our campers this week. The water is a perfect way to cool off after a hot day under the summer sun. Families enjoyed scheduled breaks by the pool and fun swimming lessons planned by the lifeguard. Along with the pool, councillors at Waupoos planned a fun water fight between campers as another fun way the beat the heat.

A new and exciting activity on the farm this week was the Waupoos Talent Show. Campers and staff were able to show off their many talents, from singing and dancing to variety shows! Waupoos sure has a lot of talented people coming through its doors. The event was a huge success with campers, and so many people shared their talents with us. This talent show was definitely a highlight of the week, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone.

It was certainly an exciting and entertaining week at Waupoos Farm!

Second Week at Waupoos

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After a promising first week, Waupoos Farm once again opened its doors to families, continuing a summer of fun and memories. With ecstatic new faces, the farm provided interesting new experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

In its second week, Waupoos Farm provided many new activities to take part in and enjoy. From painting signs to meeting new animal friends, there was something in store for everyone.

As always, the bunnies were a huge hit with the campers. These little guys are certainly cute and really popular here on the farm. The kids just love them. Along with the bunnies, campers also enjoyed meeting the goats and lambs that call Waupoos their home. The animals are adorable and the campers had so much fun making friends with these barnyard pals.

Along with animals and crafts, families are now able to cool off at the pool. It’s easy to enjoy splashing around in the water, especially in the summer heat. It was definitely a refreshing break from the heat! Campers were able to enjoy plenty of fun water activities, including swimming lessons provided by our lifeguard.

We’re continuing the summer with another exciting week, and look forward to all the fun ahead!

Summer 2021 Begins

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After a long hiatus due to the COVID_19 pandemic, Waupoos was so excited to 
welcome three families to stay at the farm this week. It's been over a year 
since we have been able to recieve visitors, and so we were all thrilled!

We have plenty of fun activities for campers this year, and week one was no exception. 
As a great start to the day, every morning we got together as a group to enjoy coffee 
and muffins after Chapel. This week, we painted rocks, had a waterfight, made popcorn 
holders, held a scavenger hunt, took a tractor ride, and more. With new activities 
every day, it's impossible to be bored here.
Although things here at the farm are quickly progressing back to normal, we've 
had to put a lot of new measures in place to ensure that our facilities remain 
clean and safe. This includes disinfecting commonly touched areas, hosting all of 
our activities and masses outdoors, and doing a thorough cleaning of each cabin 
after campers pack up. These precautions make sure we're able to stay open 
throughout the summer.
We've also been focusing a lot of our attention on preparing cottages for the campers' arrival. 
We've moved around furniture, hung paintings, gotten new sheets, fixed some plumbing issues, and 
at the moment we're installing new cabinets in cabin 5 (our Paris themed cabin). With campers 
finally coming back to Waupoos, we want to make sure that everything is beautiful.

This year we have quite a few baby animals around the farm, which the kids love. 
One of our rabbits gave birth to ten adorable bunnies. We also have two lambs that are 
only four months old. Even though they're so young, the lambs are already huge, and 
growing more every day. As the summer goes on, our goal is to continue to have families 
come stay with us in a fun, safe environment where both parents and kids can relax. With 
our first week almost finished, we feel great about the rest of our year!

2020 at Waupoos Farm

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The interesting year that 2020 brought to Waupoos Family Farm!

Summer staff worked on cottage renovations and outdoor maintenance. Check out the cottage renovations!

Safari-Themed Cottage:






Nautical-Themed Cottage:






Paris-Themed Cottage:




Animals in the Spring:










“Pig Tractor” or a movable pigpen to help till the earth. Those pigs do a great job of preparing the ground for a future garden plot!





Extra vegetables were planted this spring, yielding a bountiful harvest that was donated to the Food Bank:










Fall 2020 Lodge Deck Demolition: 






An Unexpected Bump on the Road – Farmhouse Septic Tank Replacement:






A Rainbow over Waupoos Farm, a Symbol of HOPE

Women’s Christmas Gala December 6, 2019

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On December 6th, the 5th Annual Women’s Christmas Gala returned to Waupoos Farm where it began.

As in previous years, women were invited to host a table of their friends, providing table decorations and light snacks for their guests and a dessert for the entire group to sample. The cost to participants; just $20.

Although this event was a bit smaller than the last couple of years, there was no less enthusiasm and the sound of conversations and laughter filled the room.


This event is really about building and sustaining our Waupoos community! Participants included past and present farm residents, host families, volunteers and Waupoos supporters as well as some new friends.

The silent auction table was busy all evening and we are grateful to the individuals and businesses who provided silent auction items. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and participation, over $1600 was raised to support the Farm!

A huge “Thank You to Melina, Laura and friends who organized this gala. Lori and Patsy returned to reprise their role as “elves”, selling tickets and helping with silent auction closing. We could not manage without them!

Melina has announced her retirement from Women’s Gala planning after 6 successful events. Our sincere thanks for all her work to create these popular fundraising events over the past five years!


Volunteers at Waupoos Farm Fall 2019

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When Father Fred Magee envisioned a place where families could find respite, he also looked to volunteers to help make that dream a reality. Today. volunteers continue to support our mission and assist our Farm residents to maintain and improve the facilities! What a gift they are to us!


Individuals, high school students, corporate groups all contribute their time and talents. This fall, in addition to our scheduled Fall Cleanup Day on October 26th, several individuals, two large student groups from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Russell, and three corporate groups spent time volunteering at Waupoos.


They cleaned, raked, washed, painted, decorated, shovelled, gardened, cooked, weeded, moved furniture, put away summer items and completed every task on our lists – and more! In doing so, they helped us tidy up after summer and get ready for winter. Sometimes they helped with big jobs, other times they just take a bunch of small tasks off the lengthy “To-Do List”. In any case, it is like a breath of fresh air for the farm residents. And this helps us promote Waupoos and share our mission, build connections and build community.

Father Fred reportedly used to say, “If it is of God, it will fly”. His vision for Waupoos continues to fly on the wings of volunteers, just as it began.