Cottage Sessions

Summer 2019: Week 8

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Week 8 zipped by so fast! The week was kicked off with cottagers meeting our farm animals.

In the evening, families had fun roasting marshmallows at the campfire.

Bingo Night was the big hit of the week. Winning cottagers got to choose a reward from a big prize bin.

On Thursday, a hike was offered to explore the beautiful Waupoos terrain.

Friday, Salt and Light Television visited the farm to film and interview cottagers as well as the farm team for an upcoming segment of theirs.

Sadly, this is the last week of the summer session. But don’t forget to join us at our Thanksgiving Open House. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2019: Week 7

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Week 7 was a quiet, relaxing week with lots of sunshine. The week started off with a big water sponge fight with the cottagers. Kids loved throwing wet sponges at the lifeguards.

With our many bikes at our bike rack, kids were eager to learn how to ride. So our program coordinator Brooke spent some time teaching them the skill.

At chapel, cottagers put straw in a basket during the week when they did a nice gesture to someone else. At the end of the week, baby Jesus was placed in it for Mass.

Cottagers in week 7 were big fans of Spider-man, so he surprised them with a visit! He interacted with the cottagers and taught them tuck and rolls.

Don’t forget to join us for our weekly Open House each Saturday from 1 – 8 PM. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2019: Week 6

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Week 6 had rainy and overcast days. So cottagers relaxed with indoor activities such as crafts with Perler beads. Kids, parents, everyone was getting in on the fun. The lodge was filled with unique beaded designs all week.

For the talent show, children performed many skills, such as a skit called the ‘Invisible Bench’.

At the end of the week, the host family ran a craft that got kids involved in making a special Waupoos bunny collage for the lodge.

Don’t forget to join us for our weekly Open House each Saturday from 1 – 8 PM. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2019: Week 5

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This week was laid back for cottagers, as they enjoyed the simplicity of farm life. Some even pitched in around camp by making snacks to share and doing chores around camp. Cottagers loved to interact with our farm animals, so much so that they opted out of Slip n’ Slide time to pet chickens.

Instead of a hockey elective this week, we offered a variety of outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts, blowing bubbles, and water sponge fights.

At our photography elective, cottagers once again enjoyed spending time with the animals and taking a variety of photos around camp.

Don’t forget to join us for our weekly Open House each Saturday from 1 – 8 PM. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2019: Week 4

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This week, children were soaking up the sun playing in the park, swinging on our many swings, and pulling each other around in toy wagons.

Play-doh was a popular activity as kids were having endless fun playing make-believe with the doh. Such as, pretending to live in volcanos with their doh dinos and making huge feasts with their doh pasta.

We ended off the week by bringing out the slip n’ slide once again to beat the heat.

Don’t forget to join us for our weekly Open House each Saturday from 1 – 8 PM. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2019: Week 3

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This week, with record high temperatures, everyone has been relaxing at the pool. We’ve offered water games, such as the slip n’ slide as well. Kids loved to sud up with dish soap and slide down the hill. Even some parents joined in on the fun!

We offered some new electives this week such as hockey and photography. Kids had fun learning about hobbies and working together as a team.

The bible came alive this week with skits and demonstrations. Cottagers were able to see bible stories in a new light and do fun crafts for each lesson.

Summer 2019: Week 2

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Week 2 is here!

It’s been a hot week, with the sun brightly shining. Cottagers have been able to enjoy water games to cool down.

The Ottawa Public Library summer staff came by once again and held a reading time and crafts.


The amazing race this week was a scavenger hunt of locations around the camp.

We are also in the process of restoring our old ‘”Waupoos” rabbit sign into a fun ringtoss game.




Don’t forget to join us for our weekly Open House each Saturday in July from 1 – 8 PM. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2019: Week 1

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School is OUT and Waupoos summer vacation time is here at last!

Our first week at Waupoos began on Canada Day and we celebrated Canada’s birthday with a bonfire and sparklers!

We are happy to welcome back Ottawa Public Library summer staff to Waupoos Farm for their weekly Story Time and Craft. For the past few summers, they have made Waupoos a regular stop on their library circuit to offer their program for our children and families!


This week saw hot and humid temperatures and the pool has provided much-needed relief!

The highlight of the week was definitely the Waupoos Amazing Race with indoor activities including musical chairs. Outdoor fun followed including crazy actions on the slip and slide and a dip in the pool! Our summer staff had everyone busy having FUN, FUN, FUN!




Of course, everyone enjoyed the Talent Show on Thursday evening – It’s a Waupoos Family Farm tradition! What a great start to the summer!

Don’t forget to join us for our weekly Open House each Saturday in July from 1 – 8 PM. Hope to see you soon!

Summer 2018: Week 8

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I can hardly believe that our last week at Waupoos is coming to a close. Time flies when you are having fun, and the last eight weeks have done just that!

For our last week of summer vacations, we had an amazing new host family, who brought loads of creativity and energy to the farm. Every morning the day was started off with Chapel Time, in which we learned about all of the different covenants between God and His children. From day one of creation to the present day, it is pretty clear that our God loves us very very much!

From Madlibs and pizza making, to craft and pool time, there was no shortage of fun activities for the kids to participate in this week. On Thursday, we held our last Amazing Race of the summer, which had all of the kids engaged.








We are all a little sad that the summer has ended, and we will all be going our separate ways. There is no denying how blessed we have been to have had such an incredible summer, to have been part of such an amazing initiative, and to have met such inspirational people. Only time will tell what adventures await us all in the year to come!

We hope to see you for our final Open House this Saturday at 1 pm for a wagon ride, potluck dinner, and Mass.


Summer 2018: Week 7

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Our second last week at Waupoos farm was a joy to be a part of. We had lovely hosts who did an amazing job engaging all of the cottagers and making sure that everyone was having fun. Through a series of painting workshops, the children were able to paint beautiful icons of the angel Raphael, who is found in both the Christian and Islam tradition. This week, we also tried out a new pool game for the first time: Water Bingo! The kids loved it, and with their bouncy-ball prizes they were able to continue the fun into the afternoon.


Overall, week seven was a beautiful week full of fun, laughter, and new friends! As always, we invite you to join in the fun at our Open House’s on Saturdays at 1 pm!