A Love Letter From the Waupoos Summer Staff 2021

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As we wrap up the summer, the staff look back on all the fun, friends, new skills, and challenges we faced this summer. This year we had five staff, and we’ve written a small summary about our favourite parts of the summer!

“I have a long history of volunteering with Waupoos, and the mission is really important to me. I’m really glad I was able to spend this summer running activities, baking muffins, and even learning how to operate our tractor. The most important part of the summer for me was being able to put smiles on all the kids’ faces!”  Abbey, Camp Counsellor

“With my original summer plans cancelled due to the pandemic, I found an unexpected opportunity to work at Waupoos. Looking back, I don’t regret it whatsoever. I have sincerely enjoyed being part of this community; contributing through planning activities, running our Chapel Time, and most especially, meeting all the lovely families who came to stay this year. The mission and values of the Farm and its’ team, made my time here extremely meaningful. I hope to continue to stay in touch with these wonderful people, and I pray that their work continues to bless so many.”  Jasmine, Program Supervisor

What a fun summer we had! Waupoos is such a great spot and full of so many amazing people. Working at Waupoos this summer taught me how to adapt to new situations and learn some really helpful lifeguard skills. One of my favourite things was seeing the kids who were a little nervous in the shallow end on the first day, but by the end of their stay, they were jumping into the deep end with no fear!  We made it through the hot, humid days and barely had any cold or rainy ones. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to work at such a fun spot and meet the resident families. I will definitely miss this summer’s awesome staff!”  Annie, Lifeguard


This is a parody song written by some of the staff, a Waupoos version of “When Will My Life Begin” from Disney’s Tangled (2010). It was prepared and sung for the weekly talent show.

We Will Have Fun This Week

8 AM, the usual morning lineup:

Start on the cottage and sweep ’til the floor’s all clean,

Wipe and scrub, do laundry, and mop and shine up

Sweep again

And by then

It’s like 11:15

And so I’ll clean the lodge or maybe pick some weeds

I’ll muck the barn and water the goats and sheep

I’ll plan an activity, maybe a craft or three

And wonder what will we do this week?


Then on Thursday, the cottagers are finally here

Chapel time and then muffins with friends

Meet all of the animals, with no fear

Then I’ll grin

Maybe swim,

Take a walk, meet a friend!


And then I’ll mow the lawn if I have time to spare

I’ll pick the weeds some more, I’m sure there’s some somewhere

And then we’ll pray and work and play because we care

And that’s why Waupoos is so unique!


And we’ll keep hopin’ and hopin’, and hopin’, and hopin’

We will have fun this week!


Tomorrow night, we’ll say goodbye

We hope to see you next year, there’s no need for you to cry

We’ve had so much fun, this past week with you

Now that it’s over, we’re not sure what to do…


2020 at Waupoos Farm

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The interesting year that 2020 brought to Waupoos Family Farm!

Summer staff worked on cottage renovations and outdoor maintenance. Check out the cottage renovations!

Safari-Themed Cottage:






Nautical-Themed Cottage:






Paris-Themed Cottage:




Animals in the Spring:










“Pig Tractor” or a movable pigpen to help till the earth. Those pigs do a great job of preparing the ground for a future garden plot!





Extra vegetables were planted this spring, yielding a bountiful harvest that was donated to the Food Bank:










Fall 2020 Lodge Deck Demolition: 






An Unexpected Bump on the Road – Farmhouse Septic Tank Replacement:






A Rainbow over Waupoos Farm, a Symbol of HOPE

Trillium Renovations at Waupoos 2018-2019

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Over the fall and winter months when the Farm would typically be a little quieter, many upgrades and improvements were made thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Plumbing upgrades in the cottages were completed. These included new shower stalls in several cottages and plenty of plumbing improvements and realignments we don’t see but truly appreciate!

New insulation and “skirting” has been added around the bottom of the cottages and Cottage 7 received a much needed new foundation and insulation. However, the early start to winter 2018-19 made for less than ideal working conditions!


The farmhouse was also a hub of activity. New windows and doors were installed by Manotick Windows and Doors. What a difference they have made! Our Ontario Trillium Foundation grant allowed us to remove and replace the original attic insulation.


Inside the farmhouse, a new floor beam was added under the north side and the main floor was levelled – no easy task! The kitchen received a cosmetic update. After new flooring on the main level, paint and many, many hours of work, the farmhouse was transformed!

In the true Waupoos tradition, many volunteers contributed to this project. Individuals and various groups shared their time and talents.  They painted, cleaned and decorated! Our sincere thanks to each and every one! We could not have done this without you!

The north side of the farmhouse was ready just in the nick of time for the arrival of our first host family of the summer on July 1st.

Check out the transformation below!