Eighth Week At Waupoos

Aaaand that’s a wrap! Waupoos welcomed four families for the final week of the summer. It was a quieter week than most, but there was still lots of fun on the farm! “Meet the Animals” was a highlight. It’s an opportunity for the families to meet the animals that we have and learn how to care for them. Another highlight was “Make Your Own Pizzas” when they got to make their own family pizzas and cook them in their cottage.

Lots of fun songs were played and sung at the bonfire, with s’mores as well! Participation was high at the talent show this week with gymnastics, comedy, and a special act by the FMT adults!

The residents and staff are all sad to wrap up the summer, but it was definitely one for the books. We all look forward to the school-year sessions, as well as welcoming even more families next summer!