Frequently Asked Questions

Cottage Sessions

Who can apply for a cottage session at Waupoos?

To qualify for a cottage session at Waupoos, your family must meet all the following criteria:

  1. This is your only family vacation longer than two nights away from home from June-Sept of the current year (this criterion applies to summer sessions only).
  2. At least one child is 16 years of age or under.
  3. And either:
  • The family meets the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut Off (LICO)                                                                                       or
  • Mobility limitations of at least one family member restrict vacation options to the accessibility provided at Waupoos Farm.

See application form for specific information regarding Low Income Cut-Offs.

How do I apply for a cottage session at Waupoos?

To apply for a cottage session, print and fill out the appropriate application form (forms available here).

Fax to 613-822-4526, mail to The Waupoos Foundation 2050 Rideau Rd. Ottawa, ON K1X 1B1, or scan and email to

Does my family have to be Catholic to attend a session at Waupoos?

Although Waupoos Family Farm is founded on Catholic spirituality, there is no requirement for visiting families to have any religious affiliation. We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs. Times of prayer form part of every session, as does the celebration of Catholic Mass. Visitors are welcome to participate in these activities if they so choose.

Can I invite a guest to stay with me during my session?

Guests are normally welcome at the farm, however, during COVID-19, we have temporarily limited attendance to immediate family members only. No guests.

Day visitors should sign in at the entrance to the lodge when they arrive. There is a fee per night for overnight visitors. Please see the application form for specific details.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made by cash, money order, email transfer. We do not accept cheques.

How many sessions can my family attend?

Each family is restricted to one session per season (fall, winter, spring, summer), within a given year. There is no limit to how many years you can apply for sessions.

Is the farm ever open for drop-ins?

Unfortunately, since COVID began, we have closed the farm for drop-ins,

During the school year, the farm hosts monthly open house events. To find out the date of the next open house, check our home page or join our mailing list. During the summer, families who have stayed at the farm in the past are welcome to stop by any afternoon from Wednesday to Saturday. During the 8 weeks of our summer sessions, every Saturday is an official open house. The schedule is the following:

  • 1:00 pm Doors open
  • 3:00pm Wagon ride
  • 4:30pm Mass
  • 6:00pm Potluck dinner followed by evening bonfire (weather permitting)

What should I bring to my session?

Check our packing list to see what you should bring with you for your stay at the farm.

Can I bring my pet to Waupoos?

We respectfully request that you not bring any pets with you to the farm (with the exception of guide dogs). Please make alternate arrangements for them during your stay.

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Are Waupoos facilities available for group rental?

Yes, Waupoos facilities are available for group rental from September to June (inclusive), except during cottage sessions. Only the lodge, chapel, and grounds are available for rent in January, February and March . To learn more about rentinh our facilities, please call our office at 613-822-2189 or email us at

What are the rental fees?

Fees depend on the purpose of the rental. Waupoos has a sliding fee scale which allows for discounted rates for charitable organizations and community service groups. Check our rental fees page for a complete chart of fees.


I have some things I’d like to donate. What types of donations does Waupoos need most?

To see our general needs, check our wish list.

If you have a specific item you would like to donate, please call 613-822-2189 or email us at Our administrator would be happy to inform you of our current needs.

We require that all items donated be free of pet dander and smoke.

Some of our needs vary seasonally. If you’d like to be kept up to date on opportunities to donate, please join our mailing list.

Employment and Volunteer Positions

I would like to volunteer in my community. What type of work do volunteers do at Waupoos?

Waupoos depends on the generous involvement of volunteers. Volunteer tasks include cottage cleaning and maintenance, grounds maintenance (grass cutting, snow removal, gardening), event planning, hosting cottage sessions, and helping with specific activities such as farm clean up days or Christmas morning brunch. To be informed of the farm’s specific needs, please join our mailing list.

I am a student and would like to work at Waupoos during the summer. How do I apply?

Student summer jobs are posted on our website in March. Please check our Employment page for current postings and details on how to apply.

I am interested in joining the Farm Management Team as a resident. How do I apply?

If you are interested in joining the Farm Management Team as a resident family, please email us at We would be happy to send you an information package for prospective resident families.

I am interested in joining the Waupoos Board of Directors. How do I apply?

Members of the Board of Directors are elected at our Annual General Meeting, held in June. Members of the Board must be present at the AGM in order to be elected. If you are interested in joining the Waupoos community as a voting member and/or submitting your candidacy for the Board of Directors, please email us at