Waupoos Family Farm – Long Term Fundraiser

Powered by: AllCore Communications

AllCore offers a number of services that most of you, our supporters, are already using, such as telephone, Internet, backups, and much more. Through their Long Term Fundraiser program, AllCore has committed to donating 10% of pre-tax payments received from our supporters back to our organization. When you purchase these services through AllCore, you will also be supporting Waupoos!

It’s easy! Just 3 simple steps:


Step 1

Visit AllCore’s website by clicking our affiliate link below.

Visit AllCore


Step 2

Purchase your services from AllCore Communications.


Step 3

AllCore will donate 10% of all services purchased by you to us, Waupoos Family Farm!

It’s really that simple! Please take a look at AllCore’s website to see what products they have to offer.