Opening Week at Waupoos Farm!- July 2022

The first week of vacation for Waupoos Farm started off with a bang! Packed with fun adventures outside such as nature walks, archery, and swimming, the families at Waupoos are seen enjoying their stay. During the week, our lovely host, Mariam was able to run a morning chapel where families were able to bond over what they were thankful for, listen to fascinating stories, and even read a morning prayer together. Through this, the cottagers could start their mornings with bonding activities and scrumptious homemade muffins.       

Thankful Poster







Of course, Waupoos farm wouldn’t be a farm without animals. One of our specialized staff, Rachel, walks the families through the many animals that are home to Waupoos. Children were given the opportunity to hold baby chicks and watch the baby turkeys play with each other. The animals at Waupoos are incredibly friendly and adore our cottagers just as much as we do! Most of the farm animals don’t mind being petted as well, which made for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. 



One of the many joys of the family farm is the surrounding environment, a lengthy trail filled with an assortment of flowers and shrubs surrounding the cottagers. This week, everyone was invited to go on a nature walk, where many chose to pick some of the different plants, while others chose to simply enjoy the atmosphere.

After venturing further down the trail, cottagers were introduced to the ‘Fairy Village’ hidden in the depths of the forest, which looked to be an exhilarating surprise for many. With trees with faces and homes for fairies, Fairy Village is a sight to behold. 

 We are looking forward to all the fun events that are to come.