Special Help- August 2022

This week at Waupoo’s we wanted to humbly thank two special helpers during our garbage pickup! These two brave boys were willing to help staff by lifting up immense piles of garbage. Thanks to them, we were able to finish garbage pick-up twice as quick.

Kitten Update:

Little Petey is getting bigger, whilst his sister (Spirit) hasn’t grown at all. They seem just as energetic as they’d always been, playing about and even gently pawing at cellphones. Here they are in their full glory!

Cookie Baking:

The artistic activity this week was one that didn’t involve glitter glue or paint, but instead copious amounts of butter and sugar. After mixing and shaping the ingredients the children and staff were able to enjoy some homemade cookies.

That wraps our second last week! Come back again for our last, and most exciting week  next time!

One Comment

  • Niki says:

    The boys absolutely loved helping with the garbage pick up 1130 everyday that what i heard mom we gotta go to work see ya soon

    Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity and we look forward to comi.g back next year