Summer 2017 Week # 8

By August 26, 2017Cottage Sessions

We are now ending our final week of the summer session at Waupoos, and though we’re a little sad to be finished, this week has been an amazing end to the summer!

We were lucky to have our awesome hosts, Lori and Kim, back for week eight! As usual, cottagers had lots of fun activities and crafts to keep them busy. We had excellent cottager participation which added even more energy to our incredible activities. Throughout the week, we enjoyed pancake breakfasts, a hotdog lunch as well as delicious cupcakes! Our cottagers also tested their crafting skills with bracelet making and painting! Chapel time was kept exciting with Chapel Cranium, Saint Jeopardy and a Prayer Chain with over 90 intentions! The kid’s favourites, Amazing Race and Story time, continued to be a hit!



The talent show was full of excitement this week, with awesome participation from both cottagers and residents. All four staff members also decided to stick around for the last talent show of the summer, and we even put in a few acts of our own! The resident girls took great pleasure in acting as our arms to make and feed us peanut butter sandwiches (most of which didn’t quite make it to our mouths).


Overall, the week has been so much fun, and a great way to end off our summer here. We want to thank all of those that have been involved at Waupoos for helping to make this summer amazing: The cottagers who are unique, inspirational, and always ready to have fun, the farm families who put so much work into keeping Waupoos up and running, and of course all of the children whom we have grown VERY fond of over the last eight weeks.

The excitement of the summer is not over yet, and we hope you will join us for our last Open House, this Saturday August 26th at 1pm!