Third Week at Waupoos

Once again at Waupoos families were here to enjoy a week filled with excitement and adventure. Our staff came up with tons of new activities and games to engage our campers, from morning crafts to exciting nature walks. The campers had fun exploring the farm and taking in the peaceful scenery and fresh air.

The pool was a blast with our campers this week. The water is a perfect way to cool off after a hot day under the summer sun. Families enjoyed scheduled breaks by the pool and fun swimming lessons planned by the lifeguard. Along with the pool, councillors at Waupoos planned a fun water fight between campers as another fun way the beat the heat.

A new and exciting activity on the farm this week was the Waupoos Talent Show. Campers and staff were able to show off their many talents, from singing and dancing to variety shows! Waupoos sure has a lot of talented people coming through its doors. The event was a huge success with campers, and so many people shared their talents with us. This talent show was definitely a highlight of the week, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone.

It was certainly an exciting and entertaining week at Waupoos Farm!