Waupoos Farm Fun- August 2022

This week, the animals seemed to be the star of the show. Kitten updates, hearts for Piggy Wiggy, and friendly chickens/turkeys! Please read below for some updates on our fuzzy friends!

Weekly Kitten Update:

Little Petey and Spirit are more energetic than ever. They seem completely comfortable in their new home now, and they’ve gotten incredibly attached to our Animal Care Crew. With plenty of access to many different toys, cat towers, and even television on special occasions.

This week in particular they were put into costumes and didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Of course, we were sure to take plenty of photos, making an excellent Feline Photoshoot.

Some Piggy Wiggy Love:

Lots of watermelons were brought to the lodge this week, and even with everyone feasting on some delicious melon, we had enough for Wiggy as well! One of our talented staff cut out a heart in the watermelon, and that slice, in particular, seemed to be Wiggy’s favorite! Look at how excited they are!

Friendly Chickens and Turkeys:

When the chickens were first brought to Waupoos they were terribly skittish and tended to hide in their coop. But with lots of love, in due time they became comfortable enough to eat out of people’s hands, and they even become excited to see their favorite staff! Whenever they catch sight of their two favorite folks, they come flocking to the gate.

They’ve grown plenty within the past few weeks, and they’re healthier and stronger than ever!

That’s a wrap for week six! We look forward to seeing everyone next week!