Summer 2016 Week Five

Summer sessions are officially half over – time really does fly when you’re having fun. Our host family this week has planned many great activities. On Tuesday, the host family took all the cottagers on a hike to see  the Fairy village and on Wednesday, we made books out of the findings from the hike. The host family even gave out little art kits to the cottagers! After Chapel this morning, the host family made us all a big pancake breakfast. There was no shortage of pancakes, fresh fruit and syrup that’s for sure! The cottagers enjoyed decorating their pancakes and making smiley faces on them.


Story time this week was jungle themed and our favourite word this week was “smuth”- a group of jellyfish.  We are super excited for the rest of the activities this week- we are painting a mural for talent show, playing ‘predator and prey’ and building fruit kabobs.

The sheep haven’t been the only ones to escape this summer – the bunnies decided to dig a hole and spend a night in the forest. Luckily all of the bunnies have returned and seemed to have learned their lesson. The baby chicks are growing so fast and will soon be out on their own with their mommas.

We are super excited for open house this week, we even made a rainbow jelly cake. Open house starts at 1pm and includes swimming, wagon rides, mass and potluck. We hope to see you there!