Summer 2016 Week Three

Week three has almost come to an end. It was a busy week full of beautiful weather.  The host created an “Olympic” themed week for us. Sticking to the Olympic themed, our favourite word of the day this week was ‘underdog’ – a competitor thought to have little chance of winning. Each family decorated a flag and we made the Olympic ring out of our hand cut outs and our Chapel activities were even Olympic themed. Our host’s creativity didn’t stop there – she made fun Chapel snacks; like butterflies made out of grapes and palm trees out of bananas and kiwis.


Grape Butterflies

Grape Butterflies

With all new families this week, “Meet the Animals” was definitely a favourite activity. All of the animals were super excited to meet the new cottagers and the cottagers loved petting and holding the bunnies. We are super excited for pony rides this afternoon with the beautiful ‘Mary legs’.


The cottagers meeting Eggy the bunny

Waupoos sure is lucky, we have lots of volunteers this summer. One volunteer has restored all of the broken bikes and others do an amazing job on the yard work. Another group of volunteers made a delicious bean salad for the open house pot luck on Saturday. Don’t forget open house is every Saturday starting at 1 pm – we hope to see you there!

See you next week!