Summer 2016 Week Two

Week two has almost come to an end. Despite the up and down weather conditions this week, we’ve had a blast. If it wasn’t raining, it was very humid out. We made the most out of heat and created our own slip and slide with the host family as well as had a water balloon fight. Our lifeguard, Tara, was very busy this week and had no shortage of fun water games to help everyone make the most out of the heat.


Cottagers cooling off on a hot day!

The host family sure got creative this week – we made lots of fun crafts. On Tuesday we painted wood figurines, Wednesday we painted watering cans, Thursday we made puppets and Friday we made bracelets. In Chapel, Sophia introduced us to a few new interactive songs. We learned what ‘temptation’ was as well as we made our own Arks to see who’s Ark could hold the most animals. This week we continued with our word of the day and were happy to see cottagers using these words. Our favourite word this week was “Gee Gee” (fastest horse out of the gate). This word definitely came in handy during our pony rides! The kids really enjoyed Little Ray’s Reptiles and they even brought a lizard with no legs.

The farm animals have had a fun week as well. Hoggle, the pig, and Victor, the duck, got new roommates – the baby chicks! The sheep, Brown Sugar & Pepper have settled in nicely to the farm and there have been no more great escapes. They certainly are full of life and love to “Baa” hello when they see you.

Hoggle the pig!

Hoggle the pig!

We are sad to see the week come to an end but are happy that so much fun was hard and memories were made. We hope the cottagers enjoyed the week as much as we did and that they will come back and visit at our open houses. We hope to see you all out at the open houses as well. They are every Saturday starting at 1pm and we offer swimming, wagon rides and a potluck.

See you next week!

– S

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  • Matt & Charlie says:

    We had a GREAT week! Thanks so much! And we love the pic of the two of us in the pool!